How WeCare will work with you in transferring your existing cleaning contract provision

  1. Upon invitation a member of WeCare Senior Management will visit your work place and conduct a no obligation walkthrough of the premises to establish your service provision requirements.
  2. Within 48 hours the same WeCare Manager will return and produce a written scope of works and a detailed no obligation quote for your consideration.
  3. Should you decide to award us the contract we will with your approval engage with your existing provider to bring about a TUPE (Transfer of undertakings and protection of employees) arrangement with them. This process can take 4-6 weeks as there is employee consultation and the communicating of relevant employee information. All of the employees within the existing cleaning team at your premises transfer across in to our employment on the same terms & conditions and rates of pay unless they choose not to transfer across.
  4. Should the TUPE transfer result in any vacancies to the cleaning team due to an employee/s choosing not to transfer in to our business we will commence recruitment in good time.
  5. The day prior to the transfer of the contract taking effect a member of WeCare Senior Management will visit your premises to ensure that all equipment, materials, cleaning fluids, Health & Safety documentation and operative worksheets are put in place. They will also if required collect keys and alarm codes to access the premises.
  6. On the first day of the contract taking effect the same WeCare Manager will arrive on site at the start of the cleaning session to oversee a smooth transition for delivering the cleaning to the agreed standards.
  7. There after WeCare Senior Management will liaise frequently with the cleaning supervisor and make periodical visits to inspect our performance and to meet with you or your appointed representative for the purpose of obtaining feedback from you.